Winfield Cabinet Shop
# 5 Industrial Circle Benton, AR72015-5074 Shop(501) 776.1628 Fax (501) 776.3572
In 1979, Dennis Winfield, ready to be out of the weather from building  houses, decided he could build the cabinet style to satisfy the demands of  the day and be out of the elements.  Dennis? reputation for quality work soon  brought more work than the little shop could handle.  Winfield Cabinets moved  from a small location in Benton to a slightly larger work area in Little Rock  which included a storage area for completed cabinets until they were ready to  install. 

Soon the business grew to include commercial work outgrowing the Little Rock  location.  Winfield made the decision to move back to Benton.  Traffic from  his Benton home to the Little Rock business was getting worse and Winfield  knew he wanted to purchase land large enough to expand as his business needs  increased.  In 1988, a new shop was built on the purchased land.  The  original building was 50' by 100' with plans to lease out the last 25' if  business slowed down.  

Winfield Cabinet Shop now has 15,850 square feet under roof after 6 additions  to the original building.  The business has expanded by continuing to follow  the trends in acquiring newer and faster tools necessary to build the ever  changing cabinet styles of today.  For Winfield, the key to his success has  been to ?Do what you say in the time you promise.?  Our word is everything.   And it is by sticking to that motto Winfield continues to have so much repeat  business.  Our employees take pride in the craftsmanship of their work and it  shows.  Come and visit our showroom and see current jobs in process.  Our  work speaks for itself.  You can ask any of our customers.
Doing What We Say, When We Say Since 1979
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