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German:Company offers consultantscontact,Munich & Aachen (Germany), & Kent (England) since 1986. Some Associates German.

Computer ConsultantsMunich&Aachen(Germany),& Kent (England)

English:Company & someconsultantsBritish,American.
International English Support.
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BSD& Linuxetc,Computer Systems Engineering, Design,Development,Internet Server Support &Rescue.

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Especially useful for English speaking companies withEnglish & German speaking customers &/or suppliers.


Unix & systems engineeringconsultants,BSD,Linux,Internet,C,X11,web, programming & admin.,firewalls(passive oractive)telecom.&electronicsdesign.Consultantsinc.British,American & German. forMunich&Aachen(Germany),& Kent (England)on site & remote.
ConsultantsComputing,engineering&scientific.porting,customising,software tools.Real TimeIndustrial control,embedded,drivers.- Vector Systems Ltd,Our Consultants are independent & free to select best solutions for you:we receive no fees, bonuses, retainers, percentages,commitments etc with systems, hardware, services, or software etc suppliers.
Training Courses & Lectures;hands on supervision on site.Unix,BSD,Linux& public domain tools. Hours or weeks.English or German.
Manufacturer / Supplier
Support for remote international supplierswith customers in central Europe:Native English & German speakers.Vector Systems Ltd.,Since 1986.Bridging distance, languages and mind sets.smiley face icon
24/7/365 &
Holiday Help
Remote global time zone &deadline support:
  USA & Canada: We help support your customers before your office re-opens.
  Mid East & Asia: We work on, after your support staff tire late at night.
  Oz & NZ: We code in Northern snows, while you holiday in sunny Phuket.
Hosting: Servers,Domains,Web,Mail Lists
Server hosting (Physical, Virtual & jails) via associate providers.Yours, or their PCs & Sun SparcsDomain hosting,web & mail,virtual, jail & physical stand alone domain servers,+ resilience through clustered servers,(BSDconfiguration& hosting).Geographically dispersed servers:more resilient to have one of your corporate cluster in another part of theglobal Internet.Email ListHosting - (For out-sourcers,Not spammers!).
Data Recovery & Conversion Floppy,ls120,dat,qic,cd,dvd,hard disk,usb,sd,ufs (BSD Unix),fat (MS),ext2 (Linux),ntfs (MS),etc.!
Boot Media
Bootable BSD Cdroms & USB stickswith your application.
BSD Config
PChardwareselection& BSDinstallationforserver & client systems,+ office software & data conversion.
Scanjet Conversion
HP Network Scanjetconversionsfrom NT server dependent toself sufficient withFreeBSD.
Counter Attack
Passive defences (firewalls,active filters,honey pots)merelylimit & detect attacks. Active counter attack systems Deter.
MED EditorMED is an editor familiar to German CAD industry(PCS Cadmus).
TranslationsEmbedding translations into in multi- lingual programs.
EnquiriesSpecialistsMunich&Aachen(Germany),Kent (England),Tucson,Johannesburg.
Project Leader:Business CardPhone,  EmailEmail jhs@ (not jhs_ERASE_@)enquiry Now, orAddress for later.
Company: Contact,  Associates: BSD (.com) BSD (.eu), &Engineering &Business

Fight Corona, Mask Up, Stay Distant.Brexit Stolen VotesBerklix.Net Computer AssociatesDomains

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