VinylGuard breakthrough heat shrink-to-fit technology and advanced high-perfomance PVC conveyor roller and skatewheel covering material

Apply a cushioning, shock absorbing, rugged and abrasion-resistant covering over 1.9”–2.0” metal conveyor rollers quickly and easily


  • Faster, easier and far less costly to apply than traditional stretch-to-fit methods and no special tools needed
  • Cover large quantities of rollers in just minutes


  • Designed and tested to last millions of cycles, thousands of hours
  • Highly resistant to abrasion and chemicals
  • Significantly reduces noise and vibration as well as protects delicate surfaces


  • 1/4” thick, nitrile butadiene foam rubber covered with heavy-gauge, abrasion resistant VinylGuard
  • High-compression foam construction cushions up to 40 pounds per square inch
  • A 10-inch roller provides cushioning over its full length for loads up to 400 pounds
  • Closed cell construction — will not absorb or transmit liquids used for sanitary wash-downs and maintenance
  • Available with Food-Grade USFDA (21 CFR) VinylGuard

TractionPlus? high coefficient of friction elastomer material provides the maximum traction for a non-slip surface

  • 10X the coefficient of friction of metal conveyor rollers
  • 2X the coefficient of friction of polyurethane covered rollers
  • Heavy-duty, long lasting, 60 mils thick

Food-Grade USFDA (21 CFR) roller covers

  • Complies with the Food and Drug Administration's requirements for indirect contact with food
  • Covers straight and tapered rollers and skatewheels for Food-Grade material handling equipment

Tough, thick, cost-effective industrial roller covers that precisely fit over rollers and skatewheels on powered and unpowered roller conveyor systems

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Straight conveyor roller covers

No need for special tools, lengthy pre-heating, lubricants, compressed air, epoxies, and glues. Just use a heat gun or an oven for large volume processing. PRODUCT INFO>

Tapered conveyor roller covers

VinylGuard roller sleeves smoothly and tightly shrink and conform to cover and coat industry-standard tapered metal rollers. PRODUCT INFO>

Shock absorbing, easy-to-apply cushioning roller covering system

Rugged, abrasion-resistant VinylGuard shrinks to secure, cover and protect a 1/4″ thick high-compression foam rubber cushioning over any length 1.9″ – 2.0″ straight roller. PRODUCT INFO>

Extra grip, non-slip, TractionPlus? elastomer straight conveyor roller covers

10X the coefficient of friction of metal conveyor rollers,
TractionPlus? enables conveyor rollers to tightly grip items, increasing traction and eliminating slipping and sliding. PRODUCT INFO>

Highly abrasion and chemically resistant VinylGuard Conveyor Roller and Skatewheel Covers tightly adhere, will not slip or loosen and can easily be removed and replaced

  • VinylGuard has been tested on material handling conveyor systems for over 1 million operating cycles with NO measurable wear or degradation
  • VinylGuard covers will last thousands of hours
  • VinylGuard covers for conveyor systems can easily be removed and quickly replaced without damaging the conveyor rollers or skatewheels

Made in the USA

For VinylGuard customer service, technical product information and where to purchase:

Toll-Free 866-254-5201


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