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University Audiologic AssociateUniversity Audiologic Associate
University Audiologic Associate
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University Audiologic Associate

You’ve takena major first step to resolving hearing problems you or someoneyou care about is experiencing.

Now let’s take the next stepto hearing well... together.

On our website, read whateverinterests you about hearing instruments, hearing loss orthe services we provide. Then call us today for a free hearingscreening.

I look forward to meeting with you!

Deborah R.Powell, M.S.
Audiologist / Owner

P.S. Today’s hearing devicesare very 21st century. Some are almost invisible while othersare smart with lots of great features. Check outthe product lines.



Call University Audiologic at 916-927-3137

For more than 25 years, University Audiologic has helped thousands to improve theirhearing. Owner and Audiologist Deborah R. Powell, M.S., takespride in helping her clients. Her knowledge and professionalismare only matched by the personal relationships she builds.Debbie wants to understand exactly what her clients need andthen provide it.


  Did You Know?
Hearingloss affects 34 million people in the US. That’s 1 in10 Americans! And 95% of Americans with hearing losscould be successfully treated with hearing aids.
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