The liquid filter divison of Seltek Oy has merged with Kapotek Oy in Järvenpää. Kindly have a look at the new web page  

For Lanex carrier ropes, kindly refer to Kriwel Oy 

Looking for a filter expert? Seltek provides liquid filter expert Dr. Welf in the filed of automatic self cleaning filters. CIP (clean-in-place) - reducing waste and disposables are on your wish list? You have found the site!

Seltek - a Cleantech company - represents a full line of liquid filter systems that are based on the simple idea of using reusable media and to automate the disposal of dirt out of the product flow. We want to make sure you get rid of the dirt, produce as much as possible good product and all of this runs with a minimum of maintenance or operators attention.

Seltek filter products

ADS Filter                              CTF Filter                        SF Filter            Gravity Strainer


Why use disposable media like bag filters or cartridge filters that you have to manually open and replace, get rid of the partly hazardous dirty media containing product that you can sell? Why dispose your employees to all of this?

Well, there are applications where disposable media has advantages, no doubt. All the other application you can use filters that automatically clean the surface and dispose only the material you don’t want to have anyway.

In many applications you can even consider an automatic filter to be used as a pre-filter to extend the disposable media life.

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