Anval is a designer, manufacturer and supplier of feeders and airlocks to powder and bulk materials handling industries. It is part of the Ansacan emerging global industrial equipment manufacturer for over the past two decades.


Anval has a growing range of feeders and airlocks to meet even the most demanding of applications. The company prides itself on using simple and elegant design solutions to provide what customers need to meet their performance requirements. Our innovative streak and our focus on job performance is our strength.... Read More

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    Anval has an extensive range of rotary valves used in a wide range of applications from heavy minerals industries to light agricultural applications... Read More
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    The Anval DH Serieshas been developed to provide industry with a low cost versatile air lockingvalve solution to discharge bulk solids while restricting the back flow of air,which can be used in either vacuum or pressurized conditions...Read More.

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    The Anval Slide Gate Valve Series was designed to provide a quick acting isolation valve unit that can be installed into a bulk handling flow path to stop material flow... Read More


News, Events, & Announcements

  • RL Series Image

    RHX Series

    The ATEX Certified Anval RHX Series Rotary Valve is designed for a wide range of appllications from heavy mineral lumps to light flour dust where there is a potentially explosive atmosphere.... Read More

  • BH Series

    BH Series

    Anval BH Series valves are uniquely designed for the pneumatic conveying systems to achieve a smoother flow of materials. Suitable for non-abrasive products and can eliminate pressure drop... Read More












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