Acrylic Art
Plastic Fabrication & Precision Machining

We work with all plastics, several metals and offer a wide variety of manufacturing services.

Our focus is high quality and on-time delivery while maintaining competitive prices and superior customer service.

We are specialists in close tolerance plastics fabrication and CNC machining, our success rests not only upon craftsmanship, but our ability to understand your technical needs. We work with all plastics, several soft metals, while offering a wide variety of manufacturing services.

Acrylic Art is much more than just another machine shop. We merge computer precision with years of manufacturing expertise to solve your toughest design, fabrication, and manufacturing challenges with “Quality-Fast” results.

Acrylic Art has been at it now for over 34 years and value our Bay Area connection to the local scientific community. A significant part of our business is dedicated to the medical device, biotech, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor communities, and it runs deep.

We are also involved in many leading edge design projects for Healthcare, retail, POP, exhibit, and museum spaces. Our valued clients include some of the top architectural firms who specialize in laboratory planning and interior design as well.

Acrylic Art always tries to exceed our Customer’s expectations regarding quality, delivery, and competitive pricing. We foster an environment of company and employee growth through excellent quality, integrity, workmanship and professionalism.

Acrylic Art expertly fabricates precision plastic components for a variety of customers in nearly every industry one can think of, including units produced for medical, Biotech, instrumentation, industrial, and the semiconductor industries. Our capabilities also include the design and manufacturing of custom laboratory equipment, store fixtures, point of purchase displays, architectural signage and client designed projects for interior and industrial designers.

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