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COVID-19: Hynes Industries Will Remain Fully Operational at All Locations

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Hynes offers slit coil and cut-to-length Strip Steel to exacting specifications, and provides finishes and edge quality unmatched in the industry.
A pioneering force in roll-forming technology during the 1930's, Hynes now provides an unequaled range of standard and custom Roll Formed Shapes.
Hynes provides cold-rolled, custom flat and specialty wire shapes to meet precise customer specifications. Flat Wire is available in the widest range of tempers and the finest finishes.
Hynes Industries' proprietary slotted angle system, FlexAngle, is best described as strong, versatile, durable-and even economical.

Since 1925

Hynes Industries provides innovative, customized metal solutions with an unyielding focus on product quality, customer service and delivery performance. Plus, we've been committed to this formula for over 90 years, and since our acquisition of American Roll Form in 2015, we've gained another 55 years of roll forming experience and expertise.

We've built our reputation by consistently delivering the highest quality products, cost effective solutions, and customer service that is second to none. Our focus is delivering the very best Slit Coil and Cut to Length Strip Steel, Standard Roll Formed Shapes and Custom Roll Formed Shapes, and Specialty Wire Shapes and Flat Wire Shapes. And our metal processing and engineering capabilities, knowledge, and craftsmanship are simply the best in the business.

Hynes Industries is a member of the following associations:

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