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Dedicated to helping those most vulnerable, the abused, and those in need of a second chance.

Stand with us! Stand together!

Are you wondering how to contribute to societal change as we address systemic racism? ?
Learn more about how you can make a difference.

In the Spotlight

2020 DePreist Award for Excellence

2020 DePreist Award for Excellence

Celebrating 20 years of recognizing Excellence in Civic Engagement and Philanthropy.?

Join us on September 10th as we celebrate Thomas Lauderdale and Gov. Barbara Kay Roberts.

Support Our Programs

A simple, effective way to give to those in need is to help out with something on a favorite program's wish list. You don't have to spend a lot to make a huge difference. ?


Your gift helps support programs and services that encourage positive development, foster independence, and promote the type of self-sufficiency that can change someone's life.?


Every year, 600 community members like you put their passion to work through 21,000 hours of enhancing relationships with children and youth, enriching activities for elders, encouraging people rebuilding their lives after addiction and incarceration.

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