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Established in 1995
P.O. Box 19037, Encino, CA 91416U.S.A.
Tel: (818) 602-2455 Fax: (818) 708-0768


Kombucha 2000 offers the finestKombucha Tea products on the market today!
  • Our Kombucha Tea is freshly harvested.
  • Containing ahigh concentration of all the beneficial organic compounds and live enzymes, along with an amazing purity and optimum potency, Kombucha Tea is known for many benefits.
  • It is alwaysraw and freshly brewed. 
  • The culture of the Kombucha Mushroomis extra large, and comes in a 1/2 gallon glass jar. 
  • Kombucha teacomes in affordable 12oz amber glass bottles that protect the live Kombucha Tea culture from harmful UVA/UVB rays to preserve freshness.
  • The conveniently sized 12 oz. bottles provide the three to six recommended dosages, with a convenient twist-off cap for easy reuse. 


Kombucha 2000 Fermented Tea

Kombucha Video

Kombucha Super Gold Deluxe
Kombucha Tea Extract Instant Energy
Kombucha MushroomChina Black Tea
Kombucha Magic 1 lb. Organic Cane Sugar
Kombucha Gold Ladle
Kombucha Gold DeluxStrainer
Kombucha DVD Kombucha Video3 Funnels
Kombucha Magic DeluxeBaster
Kombucha Super MagicTea Ball
Kombucha Super Magic DeluxeGloves
Kombucha Super Magic Premium DeluxepH Test Strip
Heating Panel Half Gallon Glass Jars
One Gallon Glass Jars








Kombucha Mushroom
Our Kombucha mushrooms are grown in beautiful California
Shipped in 1/2 gallon glass jar
$39.95 each. + shipping & handling.
   Kombucha Tea Extract
Kombucha Tea Extract comes in a 1 oz. dropper bottle with 30 doses of 15 drops per bottle.
Case of 12 x 1 oz. bottles: $ 118.95 + shipping & handling.


555 mg per capsule

This wonderful, energizing Kombucha Tea is freshlyharvested at its optimum potency and then spray dried into capsules. Thecapsules contain a high concentration of immune boosting vitamin C, vitamin B-Complex, live active enzymes,Glucuronic Acid, a natural detoxifier, and other vital acids.

Instant Energy

Anti-Fatigue Formula

Instant Energy pills contain over 20 vitamins and herbs
including B-12, Yerba Mate,
Ashwaghanda Root,
Bissy Nut, Astragalus Root, Brazilian Suma Root, Schizandra Berry, Siberian Ginseng, Ginkgo Biloba & Echinacea
More information and ingredients.

$83.88 (12 bottles x 30 capsules per bottle) + shipping & handling.$71.88  (12 bottles X 30 pills per bottle) + shipping & handling.


Instant Energy testimonial


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